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RJD2 + Nature Boy=

I just found out this week that the Mad Men theme song was written by one of my favorite artists, RJD2. The song is called A Beautiful Mind from his Magnificent City Instrumentals album, which I actually haven’t heard. I myself am partial to his Deadringer album. If you read my last post, you might […]

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When a song gives you the chills.

You have to post it on your blog. This is a cover of the song Nature Boy performed by Pamplamousse, who I just discovered on YouTube. This song was originally made famous by Nat King Cole’s performance, but it was written by eden ahbez. I’d never heard this song until this week, but now I […]

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Pretties for our shampoo box.

Our guest bathroom renovation is finished. Actually, there are still some finishing touches that need to be done, but it’s done enough for guests. And guests are exactly the reason why I’ve been too busy to take pictures yet. But it’s on my weekend to-do list, so I’m hoping to post them next week! In […]

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Are you kidding me?

This puppy is not. He is dead serious about killing me with adorables. The don’t call it for nothing! I needed to share this. Because if not here, then where?

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Walnut furniture love.

A little while back, I discovered some really sweet walnut furniture on this little Etsy shop. More recently, I started to notice that walnut furniture seems to be popping up all over the place. Has everyone already noticed and I am the last one? No matter. I’ve noticed. And I am liking what I’m seeing. Sometime […]

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Living Room: filling in the empty space.

The picture below shows an area in our house that I’ve been calling our Living Room, but I’m not sure that’s really accurate. It’s really an odd space. The reason I say it’s odd is because 1) it’s right off of our kitchen and 2)  it’s very long and narrow. Our dining room table takes […]

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Starting to remember.

I mentioned in my last post that I recently took a telecourse on finding your passion.  During the second class, I had an epiphany. I realized that what I really needed in order to find my passion was to play. The instructor of the course provided us with some worksheets and when glancing through them […]

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The missing puzzle piece to figuring out my passion.

I think I figured out one of, if not the, missing puzzle piece to finding my passion. And I think it might involve something so simple that it comes naturally to children but most of us stop doing it little by little as we get older. Can you guess what it is? Let me back […]

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Subway tile + grout = satisfied homeowners.

As promised, I’m finally back with more pictures of our newly tiled shower stall with subway tiles and grout. You can see the pre-grout post here. And here’s how they look now. Grouting was much, much easier than tiling. It took just a few hours one weekend day, and it was very satisfying. We used […]

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Bathroom tiling progress pics

Hello there! I’m back with a long overdue update on our bathroom renovation progress! We took quite the hiatus actually over the past month. I think we both really needed a break after the labor intensive tiling job. To put it politely, tiling a large-ish area is a great test of all kinds of marital […]

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