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Subway tile + grout = satisfied homeowners.

As promised, I’m finally back with more pictures of our newly tiled shower stall with subway tiles and grout. You can see the pre-grout post here. And here’s how they look now. Grouting was much, much easier than tiling. It took just a few hours one weekend day, and it was very satisfying. We used […]

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Bathroom tiling progress pics

Hello there! I’m back with a long overdue update on our bathroom renovation progress! We took quite the hiatus actually over the past month. I think we both really needed a break after the labor intensive tiling job. To put it politely, tiling a large-ish area is a great test of all kinds of marital […]

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Baby gifts – Part Two.

Last week, I posted pics of the blanket that took me several months to complete. This one here took me only a few days. A minor miracle, seriously. It usually takes me ages and ages to finish a project. I purchased the fabric at Joann’s on Sunday afternoon and had finished the initial bit of […]

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Baby gifts.

I’ll be mailing this out to one of my dear friends who just had her first baby a few weeks ago: It took me many months to finish the blanket. What was the real killer was the satin edging. It’s actually satin backed flannel that I bought after I saw this tutorial. If you watch […]

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There might be a reason people are wary of doing their own plumbing.

The first weekend in March was dedicated to the task of revamping the plumbing in the wall of what would eventually be our guest bathroom shower. Here’s what our shower plumbing looked like “before”: Chet had gotten all our supplies purchased the weekend before, had read a few books (like this one that his parents […]

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What’s next?

For the first few months of this year, I got really obsessed with all things home improvement, decoration, etc. I came across Young House Love and from there I was inspired to search high and low on the world wide webs for anything DIY and home related. I’ve noticed though that over the past few […]

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Spray painted candle holders.

Our local used bookstore, Bookmans, is pretty awesome. You can bring in all your old books and magazines and they’ll pay you cash or you can trade for credit. You always get a lot more money if you take the trade in credit. They’ll also buy some of your little home-y knick knacky things. I […]

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Living Room: Before, during, and after-ish.

In my previous post, I shared some of the items that we’d like to purchase to furnish our living room area. It’s not exactly a living room, it’s really kind of a random room that’s sort of hard to furnish. Since the room has been essentially empty on one side for the entire four years […]

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Is it normal to get this excited about floor tile?

We purchased our floor tile earlier this month and I think we got a great deal. The day after we bought it,  I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my excitement with my co-workers. Even though I’m guessing their internal reactions varied between mildly to not-at-all interested, I felt like I couldn’t help myself. I needed […]

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