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Ever wonder why your at home drip coffee tastes like warm brown water?

Me too. Normally, I buy a cup of coffee every morning during the week. On the weekends I brew a pot at home to save money and because I’m too lazy to drive to a coffee shop. I’m always a little disappointed. So I waved my magic google wand, and here’s what I found: AskMetaFilter: […]

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Walnut furniture love.

A little while back, I discovered some really sweet walnut furniture on this little Etsy shop. More recently, I started to notice that walnut furniture seems to be popping up all over the place. Has everyone already noticed and I am the last one? No matter. I’ve noticed. And I am liking what I’m seeing. Sometime […]

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Living Room: filling in the empty space.

The picture below shows an area in our house that I’ve been calling our Living Room, but I’m not sure that’s really accurate. It’s really an odd space. The reason I say it’s odd is because 1) it’s right off of our kitchen and 2)  it’s very long and narrow. Our dining room table takes […]

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Bathroom tiling progress pics

Hello there! I’m back with a long overdue update on our bathroom renovation progress! We took quite the hiatus actually over the past month. I think we both really needed a break after the labor intensive tiling job. To put it politely, tiling a large-ish area is a great test of all kinds of marital […]

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There might be a reason people are wary of doing their own plumbing.

The first weekend in March was dedicated to the task of revamping the plumbing in the wall of what would eventually be our guest bathroom shower. Here’s what our shower plumbing looked like “before”: Chet had gotten all our supplies purchased the weekend before, had read a few books (like this one that his parents […]

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Spray painted candle holders.

Our local used bookstore, Bookmans, is pretty awesome. You can bring in all your old books and magazines and they’ll pay you cash or you can trade for credit. You always get a lot more money if you take the trade in credit. They’ll also buy some of your little home-y knick knacky things. I […]

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Kitchen: Before, during and after-ish.

I thought I’d post a few more photos of the progress we’ve made on another room of our house. This time it’s the kitchen. When we bought our house in 2006, there were many, many soffits. The first to go, before we even moved in, was in the kitchen. The following three photos are the […]

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Living Room: Before, during, and after-ish.

In my previous post, I shared some of the items that we’d like to purchase to furnish our living room area. It’s not exactly a living room, it’s really kind of a random room that’s sort of hard to furnish. Since the room has been essentially empty on one side for the entire four years […]

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My new addiction: mood boards.

Holy crap, that was fun! I just spent the past two days trying to figure out how to use GIMP to make a mood board, and this is the result. This little visual display contains some of the items we’re thinking of purchasing for our empty living room. I’ve never used photo editing software before, […]

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Is it normal to get this excited about floor tile?

We purchased our floor tile earlier this month and I think we got a great deal. The day after we bought it,  I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my excitement with my co-workers. Even though I’m guessing their internal reactions varied between mildly to not-at-all interested, I felt like I couldn’t help myself. I needed […]

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