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Pretties for our shampoo box.

Our guest bathroom renovation is finished. Actually, there are still some finishing touches that need to be done, but it’s done enough for guests. And guests are exactly the reason why I’ve been too busy to take pictures yet. But it’s on my weekend to-do list, so I’m hoping to post them next week! In […]

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Subway tile + grout = satisfied homeowners.

As promised, I’m finally back with more pictures of our newly tiled shower stall with subway tiles and grout. You can see the pre-grout post here. And here’s how they look now. Grouting was much, much easier than tiling. It took just a few hours one weekend day, and it was very satisfying. We used […]

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Bathroom tiling progress pics

Hello there! I’m back with a long overdue update on our bathroom renovation progress! We took quite the hiatus actually over the past month. I think we both really needed a break after the labor intensive tiling job. To put it politely, tiling a large-ish area is a great test of all kinds of marital […]

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There might be a reason people are wary of doing their own plumbing.

The first weekend in March was dedicated to the task of revamping the plumbing in the wall of what would eventually be our guest bathroom shower. Here’s what our shower plumbing looked like “before”: Chet had gotten all our supplies purchased the weekend before, had read a few books (like this one that his parents […]

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Is it normal to get this excited about floor tile?

We purchased our floor tile earlier this month and I think we got a great deal. The day after we bought it,  I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my excitement with my co-workers. Even though I’m guessing their internal reactions varied between mildly to not-at-all interested, I felt like I couldn’t help myself. I needed […]

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Bathroom remodel: demolishing the 70s, joining the…

What do we call the current decade? The 20-teens? The 20-tens? Whatever it’s called…we’re joining it. Back in January, after looking at what Young House Love did to their bathroom, we felt confident that we would be able to get our bathroom remodeled very frugally as well. Oh, how naive we were. We were so […]

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Bathroom remodel: a late 70s retrospective.

A couple months ago, on the day I suggested remodeling our bathroom, Chet said he would agree to it only if we started by taking out the soffit. I said, “Let’s do it.” When I mentioned to Chet last week that if I had known our bathroom remodel would cost us in the range $3000, […]

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Bathroom window replacement in a block construction house.

The last weekend in February, we finally got to do our very first “putting something in” project versus “taking something out” in regards to our bathroom renovation. Actually, I’ll go ahead and totally contradict myself by now saying that it started off with taking out the window which, aside from the floors, is all we […]

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