How to get free stools (or anything) from Target (or other places).

So, we’ve been wanting to buy four of these really reasonably priced stools from Target for over two years now.

Even though $160 wouldn’t be that big of  a chunk out of our budget, we just haven’t made them a priority. But recently, I realized that I have rewards on a Capital One card I’ve had for years and never paid much attention to.  I went online to check what “rewards” were available, expecting to find TV/VCR combos and other priceless gems that one’s grandparents might find useful. What I found was that they have loads of different gift cards, including Target.

I already had accumulated about $25 worth in points. I also realized that they had offered me (years ago and totally ignored by me) a bonus 10,000 points after my first purchase. I went ahead and charged something to my card, and I now have enough for a $100 gift card for Target! Yippee! I think it’ll just be about a month or so of using this card to pay bills, etc. and I’ll be able to get four stools for FREE!

Do you understand how excited I am? Probably more excited than a person should be about kitchen stools. This girl likes a bargain.

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