The Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico

So, we took a road trip over the holidays.

We started off in Arizona and here was my view to the left:

And here was my view to the right:

We were somewhere near the Arizona/New Mexico border in the above shot. There are lots of smallish green bushes amidst the yellow grasses in those parts. As we got further along and entered a valley, there was less green and more yellow, like you see here:

Soon, we came upon the Very Large Array.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Contact with Jodie Foster, these antennas might look familiar to you. Contact is one of my favorite movies of all time, and they filmed a portion of it here.

Here’s Chet along the side of the road with the antennas in the background:

Me in front of antennas:

A closer view of the anntennas:

After this little photo shoot, we kept driving a few miles before finding the entrance. After making our winding way back, we arrived at the visitor’s center and then did the little walking tour:

During which time the clouds faded a bit:

And then the memory card in my camera got an error message just around the time this picture was taken:

I was really disappointed because I was loving the shots we got. I was highly relieved when we got home and we were able to retrieve them, and I definitely learned my lesson re: having a back up memory card.

A tumbling tumbleweed:

The shot below is one of my favorites. The colors! It’s the perfect example (to me, the one who is visually clueless) of that saying that nature knows what it’s doing. Is that a saying? I don’t know. I just keep thinking it when I see this photo. The blue and wheat-y colors just go together so well. But of course, I had no knowledge of this when taking the shot. I just like taking photos of things close up with other things blurry in the background. It’s my thing. Or one of my things anyway.

And these last few shots were from the road leading back out. I like how the antennas kinda mimic the mountains in the background:

And there you have it. I really enjoyed this little tourist attraction. I’m not a real science or technology buff, but these antennas are really fascinating to me for some reason. Maybe it’s the idea that, from them, we could perhaps one day learn that we’re not alone out here in the universe after all. Speaking of which, up next: the famous New Mexico landing site of little green men!

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