Roswell, New Mexico

We rolled into Roswell around 4pm on a Wednesday, just one hour before closing time at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. We both really wanted to check it out and were glad we had arrived just in time.

There was a lot to see, and we didn’t have much time. Here’s my husband being calm even though I was feeling rushed and crazy:

And here’s a partial shot of a pretty cool painting of the alleged crash landing back in 1947:

After leaving the museum, we wandered around Main Street a little. Of course there were gift shops, like this one:

You’d expect all things UFO to be sold at a gift shop in Roswell, of course, but we also found that even the everyday objects were given a Little Green Men theme. Did you notice the alien face on the stoplight in the first photo? And check out this Coke machine:

Even the local music store:

We also got to enjoy Main Street, Roswell, New Mexico at sunset:

After buying just one souvenir – an alien beer coozy – we found a nice hotel for only $85. Right next door was Cattle Baron Steak & Seafood restaurant where I had the Green Chile stew – delicious! We also enjoyed a nice bottle of New Mexican Pinot Noir and talked about the crash and aliens and whether or not we’re alone in the universe. Neither of us had any definite opinions, but we had fun talking about it nonetheless.

While writing this post, I had this thought: what if there’s a Main Street on some other planet with human faces on streetlights and human faced beer coozies? It’s a little far-fetched, but the idea of it makes me smile. Who knows, right?

We weren’t there for long, but we had a fun time checking out this quirky little town with a very interesting history.

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