Bathroom remodel: a late 70s retrospective.

A couple months ago, on the day I suggested remodeling our bathroom, Chet said he would agree to it only if we started by taking out the soffit. I said, “Let’s do it.” When I mentioned to Chet last week that if I had known our bathroom remodel would cost us in the range $3000, I don’t know that I would have agreed to removing that soffit. But, really, the “before” of our bathroom drove me crazy, and I know I’ll love our new bathroom.

Especially compared to this (I urge you to really drink it all in. Not to be missed are the shell sink, gold fixtures, and Hollywood/strip club dressing room light fixture):

And right above that gloriousness was the soffit:

Why did people in the 70s want to make their ceiling lower? Anyone? Here’s another view of how the soffit looked over to the left:

Here’s a shot of the shower and if you look closely, you can see that the  standard issue mirror from 1979 was deteriorating in the lower left hand corner. Mmm…delish:

All in all, it just didn’t make me feel good to be in this room. None of it was anything like what we wanted. I think the sink really says it all:

Not only was it completely outdated, but it also had the name “Nathan” etched into the top. Thanks, Nathan, whomever and wherever you are! You really added to the charm of this room, while it lasted…just a bit over 30 years.

Tomorrow’s post: the demolition!

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