Is it normal to get this excited about floor tile?

We purchased our floor tile earlier this month and I think we got a great deal.

The day after we bought it,  I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my excitement with my co-workers. Even though I’m guessing their internal reactions varied between mildly to not-at-all interested, I felt like I couldn’t help myself. I needed to get it out there! However, amidst my oversharing, I had an epiphany.

Instead of forcing the information and my excitement upon those around me who happen to be within listening distance, I should probably instead use my blog to share with all the fabulous DIYers out there that  might actually really want/need the information. (Obvious to you, I know, but I’m a brand new blogger and I’m not used to my new found power yet!)

Anyway, here’s sort of what our new tile looks like:

(Image courtesy Floor and Decor Outlets)

But actually, the pieces we got have far fewer white strands and are much more uniform.

So here’s the pertinent info:

St. Laurent marble tile, 12″x12″,  purchased for for $2.79/sq. ft. at Floor and Decor Outlets. Looks like they have store locations in several states, but it also appears that you can order online.

Less pertinent, but still somewhat informative, is that I think I narrowed down why I was so excited.

I believe the reasons can be broken down nicely into outline form:

1. They told us we can return tiles (within 30 days)…even individual tiles. This means:
a) we can hand pick from the 50 tiles we purchased and return the rest and
b) we don’t have to hope that we don’t get some really random color/pattern on several tiles; we can make sure we don’t.

2. As far as I know:
a) you can’t do that at (insert name of  local home improvement store here) and
b) we purchased it for half the price as it was at (insert name of  local home improvement store here)

Phew. That feels good. Not only did I get to share all my info, I also got to really process my feelings. This blogging thing is sort of awesome.

Anyway, one more perk was this: we were able to compare in person the variation among tiles, since they all vary quite a bit. We determined that we truly did like the St. Laurent better than what we had originally planned on buying, which was the Dark Emperador color that you can see here:

(Image courtesy Floor and Decor Outlets)

It took some research, patience and luck to find our tile at these reasonable prices, but it was way worth it.

The luck part came about because after looking around for quite awhile online and in the stores, we got a random flyer in the mail from Floor and Decor Outlets. I usually ignore these kinds of things, but the prices looked great. I checked out their website, and I found that they had a limited selection of marble tile overall, but that they did carry some of the most popular styles right now, including our faves…Dark Emperador and St. Laurent.

We didn’t even know about their return policy until we were about to load up the cart. We truly loved the tile color and the price was just the icing on the cake. The return policy was the sprinkles on the icing on the cake. Okay, I realize that’s probably just taking the analogy way too far. But there you have it.

As we were checking out and driving home, I kept asking Chet if he was excited. In his usual laid back manner, he was all, “Sure.” But in the way that I do, I kept asking, and finally he told me, “I’ll be excited when I’m sitting on the toilet with my feet on my new marble floor in our finished bathroom.” Actually, he just mentioned the toilet part, and I was like, “What does that have to do with the tile we just bought?”

This is where he and I differ I guess. For him, it’s about the completed project. And taking a crap within that completed project. Hopefully for the sake of future renovations, this is only true for the bathrooms. As for me, it’s all about getting a bargain. I LOVE A BARGAIN!

If you hadn’t gathered, I get really excited about a bargain.

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