Spray painted candle holders.

Our local used bookstore, Bookmans, is pretty awesome. You can bring in all your old books and magazines and they’ll pay you cash or you can trade for credit. You always get a lot more money if you take the trade in credit. They’ll also buy some of your little home-y knick knacky things. I don’t know that I ever looked in that section prior to my obsession with All Things Home Decorating which started a few months ago. But when I did, here’s what I found:

They actually still had their Pottery Barn price tags on them. Originally the large one was $29 and the smaller one was $19. I got them for free because I had enough trade-in credit. As soon as I had a chance, I went to Home Depot and bought a can of white spray paint. I did two to three separate spraying sessions (to avoid drips if you do too much at once) and thought I had covered everything pretty well. But after letting them fully dry I could see I had to go over them again. It’s kinda tough to really get into all those crevices. After a couple more thin coats, I finally got them fully covered and here’s how they turned out:

We found some whiter candles than these and they are currently sitting on our fireplace mantel along with the awesome Misia and Salvador vases by Jonathan Adler that I got Chet for his birthday.

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