Oh, how I love this bike…

We were at our local bike store this weekend, and I saw this bike:

Image courtesy of Phat Cycles.

I had actually seen it there months ago, and seeing it again I realize I am still now so in love with it!

It’s called the Melodie and it’s part of their Phundamental Series. I love everything about the way it looks. The green-ish rims, the white fenders with the adorable design, the black accessories. It’s perfect!

What I love most is that it’s girly, with the birds and hearts, but it’s not too girly, like some of those bikes that have all pink everything. I love pink but not that much.

Chet asked if I wanted it for my birthday, and at first I said no, because I have this habit of denying that I even like things if they aren’t on sale/inexpensive/totally and 100% necessary for living life. And I’m trying to change that a little.

So, I said, yes, I actually might like it for my birthday. But really, I think I’m just giving myself permission to really, really love it, even if I never purchase it.

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