Kitchen: Before, during and after-ish.

I thought I’d post a few more photos of the progress we’ve made on another room of our house. This time it’s the kitchen. When we bought our house in 2006, there were many, many soffits. The first to go, before we even moved in, was in the kitchen. The following three photos are the view of our kitchen from the hallway.

Here’s how it looked right after we closed:

And here, same view, after we had the soffit removed:

And here’s a photo taken a couple years ago, but not much has changed:

Here are three more, same progression, looking in from our living room:

If you look at my previous post of a mood board for our living room, you’ll see that we have replacement stools all picked out. The ones you see in the above photo were inherited from my parents and have served their purpose, but we’d love some prettier ones that are more our style. In about a month, I think I’ll be using our gift card from my credit card rewards to buy them. Yay!

And even though we’ve made a lot of progress, we definitely still want to make some major changes in here. In an ideal world, we would replace all the cabinets, get a new sink, countertops, put in a backsplash, and get stainless appliances. In reality, we will probably have to limit ourselves to new counters, a sink, and backsplash, keeping the cabinets and appliances. But I guess it can’t hurt to dream big. In fact, from what I’ve seen lately, it’s usually more effective in getting what you really want. : )

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  1. Jessena
    Posted March 21, 2011 at 11:55 am | Permalink

    Seriously….that is…amazing!!!!!

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