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For the first few months of this year, I got really obsessed with all things home improvement, decoration, etc. I came across Young House Love and from there I was inspired to search high and low on the world wide webs for anything DIY and home related. I’ve noticed though that over the past few weeks, my home obsession is fading. I have this thing where I get reeeeally into something for a few months, and then, for no reason whatsoever, the love affair will start to fade and I won’t feel so fluttery about…whatever it is.

It used to really, really frustrate me, but then I found a book called Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher and realized that I’m what she calls a Scanner. If you’ve ever felt frustration over not being able to find your THING in this world, when it feels like everyone else on this planet has one, you need to read this book. It was so comforting to realize that I’m not a big freak/flake who can’t commit. We may be more rare, but there are other people out there like me (like you?). And I’ve learned to be mostly okay with realizing that there probably isn’t ever going to be just one thing out there that I’ll want to do for the rest of my life. I’m passionate about lots and lots of things, and I’ve had to learn to just go with what is calling me at the time and not try to plan it all out.

So, like I was saying, over the past few days and weeks, I’ve started to feel restless again. I’m not really as into all the home improvement stuff that I was for a few months (but I am committed to finishing our bathroom renovation!). But I can’t help that I’ve started to feel a need to move on to something new. Yesterday it hit a low point where I felt just. so. bored. Yawn. Chet gave me some good advice: just give it a minute, it’ll go away. Frustrating in the moment, but he was right. He kinda knows me.

Today, when I got into work, I cleaned off my desk first thing and it totally freed me up and gave me a fresh, new perspective. I looked at several really inspiring peeps/sites. Today, I’m thinking I may want to start trying to do some drawing. I’ve never done any drawing at all really. But for a Scanner like myself, the learning aspect is really what keeps it interesting. At least, until it’s not anymore.

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