Baby gifts – Part Two.

Last week, I posted pics of the blanket that took me several months to complete. This one here took me only a few days. A minor miracle, seriously. It usually takes me ages and ages to finish a project.

I purchased the fabric at Joann’s on Sunday afternoon and had finished the initial bit of sewing the right sides together by Monday night. And that was the most difficult part, which I’ll explain more about below.

I based mine on the tutorial over at the Prudent Baby blog. The pink fabric is 100% cotton and the other side is the heavenly soft (polyester) Minky Dots fabric. If you read the tutorial at Prudent Baby, you’ll see this is a super simple blanket for a beginner seamstress. I won’t rehash all the details since you can find them there, but I will tell you what I learned during my own adventure.

The hardest part for me was getting the Minky side not to stretch longer than the cotton side as I was sewing. I sewed a couple sides up before realizing that I was going to have to start over. After I ripped it all back out (always a good time!), I pinned more carefully along the one side¬† and kept the Minky fabric side up as I went. That way, when it started to stretch, I could see it and was able to allow it to make little folds (almost like pleats) instead of letting it streeeeeechhhh way longer than it should have been. It did still stretch a bit though; that’s why I pinned each side immediately prior to sewing said side together. After I figured that trick out, it was all bueno.

One of the aspects of sewing that I’ve learned in my handful of projects is I always have to kind of fudge with the fabric to get it to work if you’re not going off a specific pattern. Maybe even if you are? I haven’t even tried that yet. Hmmm…probably something to consider.

I purchased a yard of the cotton fabric and 2 yards of the Minky and cut it to fit the cotton. I think this is a good way to approach this project because it doesn’t have to be an exact size and you end up with very little waste. I bought two yards of Minky because it was on sale and somehow I knew before starting that I’d want to make this project again.

I highly recommend this as a baby gift or perhaps for your own little one. Nicely priced, and comes out very soft and reasonably professional looking, even if your sewing skillz are still a little bit on the iffy side.

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