Subway tile + grout = satisfied homeowners.

As promised, I’m finally back with more pictures of our newly tiled shower stall with subway tiles and grout. You can see the pre-grout post here. And here’s how they look now.

Grouting was much, much easier than tiling. It took just a few hours one weekend day, and it was very satisfying. We used a non-sanded grout and the gooey texture made the smearing and smooshing kind of fun. Much more fun than the thinset used to lay the tile. I started off this project and then Chet finished when I got tired, so we both got a chance to get a good feel for this task. I’ve heard grouting can be quite difficult. I’m guessing this applies more to large grout lines. This was pretty easy peasy.

It’s hard to get a good shot of the window directly, but I thought I’d share this photo anyway to show what it looks like out the window now.

If you want to see what we started with, check this post out or click on Bathroom renovation in the categories on the upper right (or just at the bottom of this post). We’re getting super, duper close to finishing our bathroom for reals, and I’ll definitely be posting the “after” pictures once it’s all done.

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